Telling A Persuasive Story In Your Video

The script is important but the story is what sells your product. When you’re creating a marketing video you need to get your message out about your product or service in a way that attracts the interest and attention of the viewer.  The first step is to think about the audience for your video. Is your video for investors, business owners, mothers, teens, animals etc? The story you would tell to each of them is different; it needs to appeal to them so you can get the best engagement. Demonstrate why your product or service is for them. If they can’t relate to it then they are going to stop watching and not signup. 

There’s no cookie cutter answer on how best to start your story. Every video doesn’t have to start with “Hey, do you have this problem? Here’s how we solve it.” It doesn’t need to start like that but its a pretty good way to approach it. When you introduce a problem it helps the viewer instantly relate and if this is a problem they have, they will watch the video to see how this problem is going to be solved. 

At LooseKeys when we start to write a new script for an explainer video we ask ourselves, “What’s the best way to talk about the service or product?” There isn’t a formula that you have to follow. What was right for one video isn’t always right for the next one. That’s why you’ll see every video we do looks different and has a different tone or voice to the story. If everything looked and sounded the same, that would be boring. 

Our goal is to make sure every video is persuasive, informative, and also fun so that all the information is easily digestible. Now we don’t have a formal process but we do have some guidelines we think about. 

We start by explaining what the service or product is? Can this be summed up in 15 - 30 seconds? If so, then we also have a great short second video that can be put out as a perfect “What Is XYZ Company.” And once you have your product or service explained in basic terms, you can start to expand and add in any other information that may be important.

Next we go into the why the viewer needs this product or service. This is similar to the solution question many explainer videos answer. What is the solution to a problem that this service is providing, why is it important… or simply why should the viewer care. If you can make the viewer understand how this is going to change their lives, you’ve got them. 

Then finally we wrap it all up with a simple call to action. We tell the viewer what to do next, whether it’s sign up, get started or visit this URL to learn more. 

A persuasive story isn’t something you can write in one sitting, it takes a couple drafts and revisions. Think about your message, ask yourself what needs to be said for you to be engaged or care about this video. If it would convince you then chances are it will persuade others too.

What Is An Explainer Video?

Whether you call them demo videos, explainer videos, how it works or an introduction video, it seems like every business has one on their landing page these days. There is a good reason for that. Video is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. 

What makes an explainer video different from a commercial or short documentary? Explainer videos aren’t longer internet commercials and the value of them isn’t like that of a commercial. A commercial is there to help build brand awareness and get people interested or excited about your service or product. A commercial often has very little story, although some of the better ones do offer a glimpse of a story rather than just sexy product shots. An explainer video isn’t about sexy product shots, it’s goal is to help tell a company’s story in an interesting or fun way. Explainer videos are short… but usually longer than your average commercial; typically they are between 45 - 120 seconds. These videos can be live action, animation, claymation, or even whiteboard drawings; but no matter what they provide businesses with a clear and effective message showing their value to the audience. 

An explainer video can be turned into a commercial later by changing some of the messaging and reusing some of the previous work done. We did this with our video for BodyShopBids. By taking the original 100 second explainer video, we moved around a few of the pieces and tweaked the animation slightly to put together a 30 second commercial that aired here in Chicago.   

Not all explainer videos have to be for customers, often they are made to be shown to investors or businesses. Typically most of us see the B2C or Business To Customer video on YouTube and businesses landing pages. But there are a lot of videos that get produced that are only seen by a small group of people. Still no matter who the target audience is, an explainer video is one of the best ways to get your business’s value across and still keep everyone’s attention. 

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Why Explainer Videos Work!

Here’s the sad truth, people are pretty lazy. They would rather watch a quick bit-sized video introducing them to your product or service then reading multiple pages explaining what it is and how it works. That’s boring… Heck we should have created a video explaining this blog post rather then writing it down. It’s likely few more people watching this then reading it. Because it’s in those few moments when someone first visits your site that you need to hook them. The average time someone spends on most web pages is under 60 seconds. In those 60 seconds, your site needs to grab their attention to sign up or at least want to learn more. If your site doesn’t get their attention they are going to go back to Google and find something else that works for them. Having something upfront that excites the user like a good, well produced video is like having a great elevator pitch ready at a moments notice. Motion graphics artists and video editors have known this for years. They don’t show case hours and hours of the work they have done and make someone watch it. Instead they make a short show reel highlighting what it is they can offer. Just like with a demo video, users are able to watch and get a quick demo of what you’re offering without having to sign up. They get to see it in action and see how people actually use it. If they really like and understand what your offering they are going sign up. They might even tell thier friends about it by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. A video allows new users to be exposed to the product without me having to spend time selling them on what it was. But don’t just take our word for it, why not get your own video created and see the added benefits yourself.